Welcome to the world of tipping llamas

Long ago, in the town of Reno, Nevada, a band of geeks in high school headed out to the fields to do the typical freshman activity: tipping cows.

Much to their dismay, every cow in the pasture was already tipped. The town was over-run with so many bored teenagers that no cow that dared to sleep was still standing. With nothing else to do and a long night of teen freedom ahead of them, they debated about going cow standing instead.

The next field over had llamas, however. Mean, spitting llamas protecting their group of alpacas from predators. Llamas already sleep sitting down, and thus are untippable. Much like the gang that bonded over discovering the invincible powers of exploring llama-tipping, a llama simply cannot be tipped. To this day we harness the power of the untippable: The Llama.