Defcon 25 llama-tipping Badges

The llama-tipping group is filling in the holes. The good people at Defcon have announced some issues with the expected Electronic Badges this year. You can read all about it over HERE.

Our fellow llama-tipping member Brandon felt that this was a shame and we needed to fix this. With me filling the roll of the graphics guy, he has designed now one but two badges this year! They are only available to internal llama-tipping members, but they will be pretty exciting!

ARM Badge

Fully Pre-Assembled ARM Badge is the fancier badge. It will go for $40 USD for the badge, take 2 x AAA batteries, and match the T-Shirt graphics. For this unit, people will want to use one of the following units to program and debug the EFM32ZG108F8 processor:
J-Link Mini 'EDU' ($18 USD)
EFM32ZG ($30 USD)
J-Link Full 'EDU' ($60 USD) - Recommended
+Programmer Adapter ($5.53 USD) - Required with All Programmers

This badge will be using the following processor:
EFM32ZG108F8 / Data Sheet / Manual

Brandon also promises that this badge includes a secret.

AVR Badge

This through-hole "Assemble Yourself" badge is the budget version of the badge this year. The board itself will cost $15 USD and require a set of parts for about $13.13 USD + $4.99 USD Shipping and also takes 2 x AAA batteries. You can use almost any AVR programmer, but I will link a well priced one. What you will definitely need is the Mouser parts list so you can order them!
Programmer ($1.73 USD)
Parts List ($13.13 USD + $4.99 SHIPPING)

Brandon recommends adding a few extra of the following parts, as they are SMD/SMT (not through-hole, they are surface-mount soldering items) and very important to the project.
Fixed Inductors 4.7uH 1MHz 20% ($0.24 USD)
Switching Voltage Regulators ($0.62 USD)

This badge will use the following processor:
ATmega48 / Data Sheet + Manual

I hope this helps everyone prepare for programming their badges. I will try to get some schematics and the like for the AVR badge so it is easier to prepare for soldering.