Defcon 23 Llama Badge Files

So now that Defcon 23 has ended everyone will probably be working on their badges when they can. There are still a few badges that need to be reworked and those will be sent out to the people who are waiting on them. Something that I have been meaning to get around to doing was releasing all the KICAD and generated Gerbers, PDF's, and CSV's associated with this board. So I am happy to announce that I have a tarball contaning all that stuff! Please note that this project was done using the latest version of kicad at the time version BZR 6091 so make sure your version is that or newer. I will be in IRC or hangouts if anyone has any questions.

Kicad Files Download

Expect a bitbucket public repo to go live with the driver code and some examples shortly after I finish reworking the badges I have and I can play around with writing the drivers for my own.