Defcon 25 llama-tipping Badges

The llama-tipping group is filling in the holes. The good people at Defcon have announced some issues with the expected Electronic Badges this year. You can »

Defcon 25 T-Shirts

This year, we went with a "Llamas in Black" theme inspired by an image presented by Mr. BoB. I went and started building graphics and came »

Soldering Kit - Parts List

This year at DefCon 23, we had llama-tipping badges! The first ever Digital llama-tipping badge! There was some assembly required. Here is the parts list that »

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Defcon 23 (2015)

Defcon 23 quickly approaches us. We will be there, will you? The Llama Tippers will be found roaming the area and participating in various activities such »