Soldering Kit - Parts List

This year at DefCon 23, we had llama-tipping badges! The first ever Digital llama-tipping badge! There was some assembly required. Here is the parts list that pdx6 and I used for our soldering stations that worked out great! All of these are items available on for easy ordering. Also suggested is a lighted magnifying glass device if you think you may need one. Although, if your eyes are decent, you should be able to do it without one.

Soldering Iron:

- $95 - Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D FX-888 (blue & yellow)

- $95 - Hakko Digital FX888D & CHP170 bundle, includes Soldering Station & CHP170 cutter

Soldering Tip:

- $13 - Hakko T18-BR02 - T18 Series Soldering Tip for Hakko FX-888/FX-8801 - Conical - Bent 30? - R0.2 mm x 10.5 mm


- $30 - MG Chemicals 4870 Series Sn60/Pb40 No Clean Leaded Solder, 0.032" Diameter, 1 lbs Spool


- $6 - Miniatronics Corp 1065002 Rosin Paste Flux 2 oz

Flux Remover:

- $18 - MG Chemicals 413B Heavy Duty Flux Remover, 425g (15 Oz) Aerosol Can


- $3 - Marrywindix Tweezers Non-magnetic Forceps Anti-static Black Pack of 6pcs

Here are some additional parts suggestions:

Additional Items: